American Pasteurization Company (APC), a leader in high-pressure processing for the food manufacturing industry, announced the launch of its fourth processing line at its Milwaukee, Wis., headquarters. The new line adds 350 liters of vessel capacity, nearly a 45 percent increase, to allow for greater production capacity.

“We’re proud to announce that our fourth line is now operational,” said Justin Segel, CEO of APC. “The new line was assembled to meet the growing demand for high-pressure processing as a post-pasteurization technique, which underlines the industry’s heightened focus on food safety.”

With the ability to meet the increasing needs of food manufacturers, the company looks forward to expanding its client base, and in turn, its workforce. “As we welcome more business, we’ll need to hire more employees, which helps us better serve our customers and supports the local economy,” Segel continued.

To accommodate the new processing line, APC is leasing an additional 10,000 square feet. APC is the first company to offer high-pressure processing on a commercial tolling basis. Currently, APC serves food manufacturers nationwide.

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American Pasteurization Company (APC), founded in 2004, is the first company to offer high-pressure processing (HPP) on a commercial tolling basis to the food manufacturing industry. APC is committed to food safety through the utilization of HPP and to advancing such technologies to aid in the delivery of safe foods to consumers. Additionally, APC works with food processors to make the utilization of HPP as seamless and cost effective as possible.

Source: American Pasteurization Co.