Hoegger is a premium designer and manufacturer of process machinery used in the meat and food industries. They offer innovative system solutions for Form Pressing, Cooking and Chilling. With sales and service based in the US, expert personnel support customers with application consultation, customer service, and assistance during product and process development, either at the customers’ facilities or in one of their in-house laboratories. They focus on customers´ benefits and continuously strive to improve their customers’ operations through quality equipment and application know-how.

Form Pressing - Better YIELD – Higher PROFIT 


Hoegger’s state-of-the-art Form Press technology maximizes yield, minimizes or eliminates give-away and produces a visually excellent product. Their Form Presses are known for the gentle but yet powerful forming and pressing of various types of meat. The three-dimensional forces acting on the product guarantees the controlled application of pressure on all three axes to ensure the best forming of the end product. Because of the unique control software that precisely controls pressure and travel and their patented die systems, it is possible to press the product into nearly any desired form or shape.

The flexible die system that can be used in a broad range of applications and can be adapted to nearly every customer specification. The form presses use the latest computer control software designed for user-friendly operation that can be programmed specifically for each weight class or application with yield optimized with just a push of a button.

There are a variety of modular systems that makes Hoegger form presses ideal for the best space usage and efficient production.

Hoegger Cooking and Chilling Systems Offer Uncompromising Food SAFETY

The continuous Post-Package Cooking and Chilling process by Hoegger ensures the highest level of product quality, a safe and long shelf life of the product, and best value. They offer a completely automated system solution, from the packed product to the carton boxing.

From the packaging machine, the product is fed continuously onto the Cook and Chill unit. Automatically loaded conveyor trays move the product continuously through the heating zone, using a patented, multi-layer horizontal counter flow method with the advantage that it heats the individual packages gradually, controlled and consistently without shocking. As the product moves through, it is exposed to continuous water shower as well as a controlled pool of water in the tray where the product sits.

The product is rapidly chilled by an intense water shower. The coldest product comes in contact with the coldest water, which allows for gentle and effective cooling with no ice crystals. Once the chilling cycle is finished, the product is moved onto a conveyor belt and air dried by going through an air blast station and is ready to be boxed for shipping.  


Hoegger offers a patented energy recovery feature that conserves as much as one third of the thermal heat and chilling energy input. Processing plants utilizing the energy swing use the least amount of energy, which contributes to the bottom line as well as to the ever increasing requirement of sustainability.

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