Some say it takes 30 days to establish a habit. As the New Year begins, the pressure to make (and keep) resolutions can be daunting. From trying a new exercise program to dropping a pants size, many struggle with maintaining new goals beyond January – especially when those commitments are impractical. To kick-start 2012, Tyson Foods and Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien have teamed up to coach women through the next month via the new "30 Days, 30 Ways, 30 Rewards" program.

"We all begin the new year with good intentions, but the problem is that many of us try to take on challenges that are impossible," says Lillien, New York Times best-selling author and host of the Food Network/Cooking Channel Show "Hungry Girl." "Setting out to drop 20 pounds by February is not realistic and isn't safe. The trick is to make small changes."

Starting January 2, women can visit for everything they'll need to get on track in January to establish better habits all year-long. One click a day reveals three great ways to balance an active lifestyle with ease, flavor and good-for-you fun. Get a nutritious and quick recipe (with fewer than 500 calories) for dinner tonight, a clever tip and a chance to win a health-themed prize, each day for 30 days.

According to Lillien, one easy way to stay on track right out of the gate is to plan ahead and keep the right ingredients on hand at all times, especially when hunger strikes. "Convenient meal staples are key; items like veggies, high-fiber tortillas and plenty of protein. Tyson Grilled & Ready chicken and beef products are the perfect solution to guilt-free eating in the new year – easy to prepare and delicious! They're fully-cooked, ready in just minutes and low in fat and calories."

A few of Lillien's top tips for guilt-free eating in the New Year are:

  • Find better-for-you swaps for the indulgent foods you crave. Love potato chips by the bagful? Look for baked or popped chips in single-serving bags. Are you a bagel 'n cream cheese fiend? Go for thin bagels with light spreadable cheese. You can save hundreds of calories with these swaps without giving up the tastes you crave.

  • Don't get stuck in a food rut. If you don't change flavors up now and then, your taste buds will get bored and you'll be tempted to give in to bad-for-you foods. Instead, try these quick meal ideas and snacks:

    • Use Tyson Grilled & Ready Whole Breast Fillets, Chicken Breast Strips, Diced Chicken and Chicken Chunks for soups, salads, wraps and more.

    • Use Tyson Grilled & Ready Steak Strips to make a quick and flavorful beef and broccoli stir-fry..

    • Tyson Grilled & Ready Chicken also makes a great snack. Pop a serving of all white meat Chicken Chunks in the microwave and then dip in your favorite guilt-free sauce.

  • Let yourself indulge a little. It's okay to splurge on foods that aren't "diet-friendly" once in a while. (Lillien says she can't resist the pretzel bread at one of her favorite restaurants.) Just get right back on track. Don't let a weekend splurge turn into an excuse to overdo it all week.

"People feel pressured around the new year to make drastic changes to their lifestyles, which aren't always necessary. With a few small changes and smarter meal choices, it is possible to stay on track while still enjoying the foods you love," said Alicia Mosley, product manager for Tyson Foods. "Having refrigerated or frozen Tyson Grilled & Ready products on hand is a great way to be prepared for any meal, without giving into temptation."

Source: Tyson Foods Inc.