Ball Park announced the introduction of new Ball Park Flame Grilled Patties, the first major extension outside the hot dog category in the Ball Park brand's more than 50-year history. The fully cooked patties, made with 100% beef, are flame grilled and then flash frozen; locking-in that juicy, delicious "just off the grill" taste that can be ready in about a minute. The new product launch also marks the extension of the Ball Park brand into the frozen food aisle, leveraging Sara Lee Corporation's deep expertise in the frozen food space.

Ball Park Flame Grilled Patties are quintessential guy food - an innovative new product developed to help meet the needs of consumers looking to enjoy a perfectly seasoned grilled burger at any time. Eliminating the need to fire up the grill to cook just one or two burgers, Flame Grilled Patties are easy to prepare and ready from microwave to plate in about a minute, providing the perfect guy time food, snack for hungry teens, or a last-minute dinner idea for the entire family, the company said in a statement.

"Ball Park's entry into the $400 million frozen burger category is the next step to advancing our strategy of expanding from the number one beef hot dog into a leading brand in the guy food space," said Aaron Alt, general manager of the Ball Park Brand. "The new Flame Grilled Patties really deliver on quality and taste, and are also incredibly convenient, something consumers have come to rely on from Ball Park."

Source: Sara Lee Corp.