The Marfrig Group, a leading global food company producing beef, pork, poultry and fish products, has become the world's first food company in the animal protein segment to track its entire beef production cycle in accordance with the standards developed by the Rainforest Alliance, a U.S.-based organization created 25 years ago that was one of the first to create forest-protection protocols.

The Tangara da Serra Marfrig Group Unit located in the State of Mato Grosso is authorized to produce and market its products internationally bearing this "green cattle raising seal". Tangara da Serra is the only meat processing unit in the world to meet the Certification's 136 social and environmental criteria, which range from reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, the implementation of animal welfare practices to the social conditions of employees and their families.

The requirements for this certification was established by the Sustainable Agriculture Network (RAS), an international entity composed of independent conservationist organizations that holds the certification standards that allow companies in the region to use the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal. The audit was conducted by the Imaflora, which is officially accredited to grant the Rainforest Alliance Certification in Brazil.

"This is a new and global pioneering initiative by Marfrig Group that raises the bar in the way of thinking and conducting sustainable agribusiness", said James Cruden, CEO of Marfrig Beef, Marfrig Group's beef division.

"We believe this certification marks an important initial step that attests to Marfrig's commitment and courage to transform cattle raising in Brazil and the world and also elevates the level of sustainability practices for all the players in the chain," concluded Mauricio Voivodic, executive secretary of Imaflora.

In the beginning of this year, the Fazenda Sao Marcelo – a Brazilian farm also located in Tangara da Serra - was the first farm to receive the RAC seal in the world and will be now the "green cattle" supplier for Marfrig.

Source: Marfrig Group