The new knife series ExpertGrip 2K has been developed especially to provide professionals working conditions that are easy on the joints. The knife has been designed for daily, concentrated working during deboning in the meat industry and butcher shops. The knives are 100% Made in Germany and manufactured according to the high quality standards of Friedr. Dick.

The special feature of the new series ExpertGrip 2K is the unique, open handle, suitable for all hand sizes and forms, with or without metal mesh gloves. The shape of the handle ensures working without fatigue and free of pain. The unique haptics of the handle allows a quick and safe change of the grip and precise cut – thus increasing output and efficiency. The knife lies comfortable and natural in the hand. Tensions, overexertion and pain are being reduced. The surface of the handle is slip-proof – also when wet or greasy.

The special production process – soft shell, hard core – provides a seamless connection of the blade and the handle, therefore, no bacteria and residues can enter between handle and blade.

Butcher knives made by Friedr. Dick are exclusively produced of high-alloy, stainless steel. Die most important elements are carbonate (solidity and hardness), chrome (edge retention und resistance to wear) and molybdenum (resistance to corrosion). An important quality factor during the manufacturing process is the heat treatment – it increases solidity and flexibility. Knives from F.Dick captivate with their balanced hardness thus less material consumption as well as high edge retention.

The knives among the series ExpertGrip 2K are, of course, equipped with the well-proven blades from F.Dick: polished blade for simple cleaning and resistance to corrosion, optimized cutting edge angel for all applications and 100% quality control.

You can choose a boning knife either with flexible, semi-flexible or stiff blade in two different lengths 13 and 15 cm and with curved or straight blade. The products of the series are available in blue or black. Available at specialized dealers. The knife series ExpertGrip 2K has also received the American seal of hygiene and quality “NSF”.