When it comes to processing meat, knives and tools with plastic handles must be used exclusively. Handles made from soft plastic material hold the risk of abrasion and the finest particles may get into food. This problem can be prevented if knives and tools with hard plastic handles are utilized. Nonetheless, food can be contaminated with metal and plastic particles due to damage to the knife.

Unlike metal parts, parts made from conventional plastics cannot be detected with detectors or x-ray devices. A new innovation at Friedr. Dick is the DetectoGrip detectable knife series and the Detecto Steel HyperDrill knife sharpener. By mixing metal parts into the plastic, pieces of plastic can now be detected in food by commercial metal detectors and x-ray devices. In collaboration with our plastic manufacturer, a material has been developed that has further improved the detectability of this plastic mixture. This has been successfully proven in internal and external tests.

Foreign particles that get into the food production process can lead to machine damage, expensive product recalls due to defective products or even to personal injuries. In addition to the direct costs, the co-inciting reputation damage for the affected company can cause greater damage.

The detectable products from Friedr. Dick thereby provide a valuable contribution to quality assurance and reduce the risk of undiscovered foreign particles in the processed products and thereby also the risk of product recalls.

Everyone responsible for selecting the processing tools can now be sure they are exclusively creating products that correspond to today's level of product reliability.

Special features of the DetectoGrip-Knives

  • Detectable plastic handle
  • Non-slip ergonomic handle without abrasion
  • Safety thanks to a finger guard and thumb rest
  • High-grade knife alloy
  • No gaps between the blade and handle

The DetectoGrip series has received the American NSF seal of quality, the materials used are safe and approved according to the food regulations and are thereby suited for food products. The DetectoGrip series with various blade shapes and lengths, can be found at specialist dealers and distributors.

With the strong increase of semi-skilled labor in the meat industry, less than ideal results are being achieved with sharpening steel and the challenge continues to grow. Friedr. Dick offers Rapid Steel as an alternative solution to a sharpening steel. This not only makes resharpening easier and keeps the cutting edge sharper for a longer period of time, it also saves time and makes the work flow easier. The easy handling will win you over. A simple drawing motion results in an optimum cutting edge. Thanks to the volume and shape of the sharpening device, there is a reduced risk of injury compared to a standard sharpening steel.

Effective immediately Friedr. Dick is also offering the Rapid Steel made with detectable material - the Detecto Steel HyperDrill. Thanks to the particularly fine features of the sharpening rods, the cutting edge is smoothed more as the material is worn away. That's why the fine cutting edge that has been produced is maintained for a long time. The high demands of the meat industry in the areas of work safety, quality and hygiene, are met by the Detecto Steel HyperDrill. Detecto Steel can be purchased from retailers.

Friedr. Dick is the only manufacturer worldwide who offers a complete range of knives, sharpening steels, ancillary items for chefs and butchers as well as grinding machines. The long-standing tradition and experience of manufacturing products for chefs and butchers allow a continuous development of innovative products. Input from customers, especially endusers and own ideas are converted into high quality products.