Jennie-O says it is on a mission to show the world how easy and delicious it is to eat well. Through its highly visible “Make the Switch” campaign, the company has energized the turkey category and amplified awareness of the JENNIE-O brand across its product lines. Jennie-O states that it now holds the No. 1 turkey brand unaided awareness position.

Results from a third-party-managed blind deli meat taste test and consumer feedback generated at a public sampling event confirmed that JENNIE-O fresh-from-the-deli turkey delivers top quality scores to inspire more consumers to increase deli shopping frequency.

According to a Counter Intelligence Deli Consumer Study, some shoppers have transferred their traditional deli purchases to the meat department. Almost half of deli shoppers purchase sandwich meats at least once every other week from the pre-packaged section of the meat department.

“Jennie-O wants to bring shoppers back to the deli more frequently. By combining uncompromising taste and freshness with programs that allow our retailer partners to offer attractive prices to keep consumers shopping the deli, JENNIE-O deli products are a smart addition to any store set,” said Dave Dohmann, vice president, deli sales, at Jennie-O. “We believe all consumers should have access to smart, nutritious choices without breaking their budget.”

Consumer research recently conducted in the Boston area resulted in top scores on overall liking for JENNIE-O turkey and chicken products. Six of the most popular turkey products were tested against three other brands available in the market. Included in the test were:

•           JENNIE-O® Oil Browned Turkey Breast

•           JENNIE-O® Herb Roasted Turkey Breast

•           JENNIE-O® Honey Turkey Breast

•           JENNIE-O® Mesquite Smoked Turkey Breast

•           JENNIE-O® Cracked Pepper Turkey Breast

•           JENNIE-O® Oven Roasted Chicken Breast

Adult tasters that were part of this research experienced these flavors and the competitive set on bread to represent a sandwich experience. JENNIE-O products achieved the highest overall liking scores of the all of the brands tested.

Source: Jennie-O Turkey Store