Odenberg qvisionFood processing equipment provider, TOMRA Sorting Solutions, ODENBERG and BEST will showcase their ground breaking technology at IPPE at the World Congress Center in Atlanta, Ga., on January 29 and 30.  QVISION can be seen at Booth 5770 in Hall B, Twelfth Avenue.

TOMRA Sorting Solutions, the pioneer in sensor-based sorting which acquired ODENBERG in 2011, purchased Belgian BEST Sorting in June 2012, to unify the two leading providers and enhance its position as the preferred supplier for the food market’s needs. ODENBERG and BEST have now created a powerful alliance, delivering leading-edge sorting, safety and quality “from farm to fork“.

ODENBERG will present its market leading Qvision500 meat analyzer.  The Qvision500 sets a new benchmark for accuracy and consistency of real time, in-line meat analysis, simplifying operating processes and saving time. The system gauges fat, protein, moisture, color, temperature and weight in all types of meat – fresh or frozen – at any grind size, across the full width of its conveyor belt, handling an unrivalled 30 tons per hour easily.  

It’s a given fact that nature supplies us with meat with large variations in fat content. Even with carcass classification, cutting patterns and employees with years of experience, large variations in fat levels for input meat is unavoidable. It has taken many years for in-line fat analysis and fat control to mature, but finally a tool is available to allow all meat processors to take part in the savings possible applying in-line fat control. The new QVision 500 Analyzer with its accuracy, price point and ability to simplify production control has the potential to make in-line fat analysis mainstream.

This means that more and more processors can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Large savings in reducing lean give-away (2-4%)
  • Full quality control of raw materials
  • Eliminate “out of spec” claims on fat content
  • Eliminate human error and sampling error
  • Reduced time for correction and overworking which might occur

Geir Hauge, ODENBERG process analytics director, said: “The QVision500 provides large savings in reduced lean give-away, eliminates ‘out of spec’ claims on fat content, eradicates  human error, offers full quality traceability of deliveries and enhances quality control of raw material.

“The system also helps producers of products based on ground meat achieve stable product shape in the forming and frying processes, uniformity after cured products are dried, consistent taste and texture, plus the elimination of time consuming and inaccurate sampling.”

Hygienic, robust and reliable, the system has a typical annual maintenance cost totaling only two-to-three per cent of a customer’s investment.