The Meyn whole leg precutter is the solution to automate a critical process step in the whole leg deboning operation. It’s is an added value for those customers who are whole leg deboning manual, as well as automatic with the Meyn WLD M2.0. The whole leg precutter is a carousel designed module integrated in the Physic HS cut up lines.

After the saddles are processed by the anatomical leg processor, a Meyn whole leg precutter can be integrated in only Physic HS cut-up lines to precut anatomical legs at a speed of 14.000 legs per hour. In combination with our Meyn line control system, products can be selective by-passed and pre-cutted legs can be dropped for specific adjusted Meyn whole leg deboners.

The anatomical legs enter the carousel whole leg pre-cutter and are positioned by the unit with the skin side towards the central axis. Form the outside of the carousel, a knife will enter the leg just below the drum joint, just besides the drum bone. The depth of the knives is adjustable to the required depth. After the knife has entered the leg, the knife is moved downwards on high speed all the way until below the thigh bone. The final result is a anatomical leg with a length wise cut as is shown on the picture.

Highlights include:

  • Unrivalled high speed
  • Both left and right legs can be processed with the same system.
  • High performing accurate cut, lateral along the bone.
  • Stable and durable performance.
  • Significant reduction of labor.

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