Seydelmann mixer grinderWelcome a new generation of Mixer-Grinders. The MRV 2500 is one of the Seydelmann engineers’ most recent accomplishments for the American market.

This is the perfect machine for the processing of high capacities of ground meat, dry sausage, hamburger products and much more with a very high output.  The MRV is equipped with a 2500 l hopper and engineered for mixing capacities of 3000-3700 lbs. Fast emptying of the machine through the grinder outlet is guaranteed by the innovative long discharge worm, positioned in the bottom of the hopper parallel to the working worm. As the discharge worm is frequency-controlled and steplessly pre-programmable the material is forwarded optimally to the working worm. Depending on the material the perfect pressure and product flow can be defined. Moreover, the two mixing axles are each driven by a separate drive and independently switchable forward and reverse, at high and low speed. Thus the ideal speed for every product can be set. Thanks to the automation of the mixing process quality characteristics such as binding and stability of the mixing product are being standardized for every batch.

The optional cooling system of the MRV 2500 ensures ideal processing temperatures for every product, replaces cooling space capacities and thereby increases the production efficiency. Carbon dioxide (CO2) or liquid nitrogen (LN2) can be injected via nozzles at the bottom of the hopper or carbon dioxide snow can be added via snow horns in the lid of the machine for cooling. The temperature as well as the consistency of the product are being constantly controlled by the integrated temperature sensor or optionally by the current demand of the mixing axles. As soon as the required temperature has been reached the cooling system automatically stops.

The user-friendly and logical structure of the newly developed control Auto-Command 4000 is Seydelmann’s answer to the current international trend towards automation. All functions of the MRV 2500 can be implemented fully automated. The control device allows the adjustment of each possible function of the machine in detail such as the rotating direction and speed of the mixing axles and both worms. Some of its important features are data-recording of all production stages, recipe programming, teach-in function and the service module. Due to the Auto-Command 4000 a reduction of operation personal and potential sources of error can be achieved. The whole process can be standardized and a constant level of high product quality can be guaranteed next to an increasing hourly output.

Further the machine fulfills highest standards of hygienic design. Therefore, all technical components of the machine are hidden inside while all edges are rounded and polished. All surfaces are designed with a light slope so that cleaning water can drain. Also all covers are completely embedded in the body of the machine.

In order to achieve the highest possible level of customer satisfaction Seydelmann machines are unsurpassed regarding technology, durability and hygiene thanks to the constant focus on research and development at Seydelmann. Along with various other Seydelmann machines, the MRV 2500 will be exhibited at this year’s Process Expo on the booth of Seydelmann’s decades-long North-American partner, Reiser (South Hall, Level 3, Booth 506). Furthermore, Seydelmann and Reiser representatives will be offering professional consulting for both the artisan and the industrial sector.

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