With the nation’s top college basketball teams set to square off in the NCAA Tournament to determine a champion, the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC) wants to know what condiments basketball fans will putting on their hot dogs. With that in mind, the NHSDC is proud to announce the Hot Dog Condiment Tournament bracket to determine the ultimate condiment champion. Beginning Monday, March 17, 2014, people can vote for their favorite hot dog toppings in a March Madness style tournament. Voting will be conducted online via polls on the NHDSC Facebook page and will continue throughout the month with a winner announced on April 7th.

The bracket features a wet condiment side and a dry condiment side. On the wet side, favorites such as mustard, relish, chili and coleslaw will take on sauerkraut, ketchup, BBQ sauce and mayonnaise. The dry condiment side features onions, cheese, tomatoes, sweet peppers, hot peppers, bacon, pickles and pulled pork. Each day fans will choose their preferred topping with the winners moving on until the ultimate champion is crowned.

“Debates over the best hot dog toppings are practically brawl inducing, “said NHDSC President and ‘Queen of Wien’ Janet Riley. “Each region of the country has its favorites and as the national voice of hot dogs, we believe it is our responsibility to officially crown a champion.”        

Hot dog fans won’t just be settling this timeless debate, they have a chance to win as well. NHDSC t-shirts will be given away to people who vote in all 15 matchups on Facebook. The participant who shares the polls with the most people on Facebook will win a gift card for his or her favorite hot dogs or sausage.

This is the second “March Madness” hot dog tournament hosted by the NHDSC. Last year in a battle of regional hot dogs vs. sausages that featured several upsets, the West Virginia dog, with chili, mustard and coleslaw atop a wiener on a steamed bun, took home the title, beating out the bratwurst in the finals.

To view this year’s bracket, to vote for your favorites and to see more NHDSC updates, check out the Council’s official Facebook page.

Source: NHDSC