Mettler Toledo white paperA new GWP white paper from METTLER TOLEDO, "Avoid Serious Pitfalls When Applying Legal Metrology Rules," explains how to fulfill legal-for-trade requirements while meeting specific accuracy requirements; how to monitor accuracy with a sound routine testing scheme; and how to ensure quality over time.

The paper describes the limitations of the legal metrology approach while providing solutions based on scientific evidence to meet specific process requirements for accuracy as well as legal for-trade applications.

With GWP, the science-based global standard for efficient life-cycle management of weighing instruments, established by METTLER TOLEDO, users can use additional rules and criteria, such as minimum weight and risk analysis to establish sound quality management in the laboratory or production environment. The white paper explains in detail how a GWP risk analysis is essential to assess the criticality of the weighing process to determine what kind of routine testing and with which frequency.

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