Johnsonville Sausage and Seaboard Foods have joined over 30 other companies and institutions as a Sustaining Partner of the American Meat Science Association (AMSA). For more than 50 years, the AMSA has relied on support from partners to maintain its ability to provide community and professional development programs and opportunities for individuals in the field of meat science. AMSA’s Sustaining Partners program recognizes the organizations and institutions that provide significant financial and logistical contributions for the products and services offered by the organization.

Operating under the mission that “Together, we will create an environment that requires each of us to fully develop our God-given talents,” Johnsonville Sausage, strives to be the best company in the world that just happens to make sausage.

“Johnsonville Sausage carries a rich tradition of leadership and value within the industry. AMSA looks forward to exploring new opportunities with this company and all of our sustaining partners as we continue to enrich AMSA’s programs,” states Thomas Powell, AMSA Executive Director.

The Company is driven by its 5 Guiding Principles: We Live Up to Our Promises, We Coach Because We Care, We Work as a Team & We Win as a Team, We Help Our Customers Become Great and We Learn for Life. These Principles are the framework of how Johnsonville Sausage operates and behaves when interfacing with any Company Stakeholder who has a part in our success.

"Johnsonville Sausage is excited to be joining AMSA as a Sustaining Partner. As a growing company, we view AMSA as a key contributor of scientific knowledge and will rely on this organization to help us expand our global footprint" stated Kevin Ladwig, Vice President, Johnsonville Sausage, LLC.

The AMSA’s principles align with Seaboard Foods core commitments focused on connecting its people and food system. Seaboard Foods is a food company committed to using applied knowledge to drive innovation through its food system by fostering a culture of questioning and analyzing practices and investing in improvements from before the farm to beyond the fork.

Seaboard Foods, with farms located in Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado and Texas, and processing plants in Guymon, Okla., Missoula, Mont., and Salt Lake City, distributes and sells premium pork products domestically to retail, food service and further processors, and to customers in more than 30 countries.

“Seaboard Foods has experience and leadership throughout the pork industry. AMSA is excited to welcome Seaboard Foods to the AMSA sustaining partner program and looks forward exploring new opportunities with Seaboard Foods and all of our sustaining partners,” Powell said.

“Seaboard Food is proud to be a sponsor of the American Meat Science Association. We believe in “Doing Better by Knowing Better Every Step of the Way,” and our involvement in AMSA helps us achieve this by connecting the people of Seaboard Foods with a network of meat science professionals and the latest meat science research,” says David Watkins, Seaboard Foods recruiting manager. “This helps Seaboard stay current with the latest developments in meat science, and meet our commitment and responsibility to bring wholesome, delicious pork to our customers’ tables.”

The Sustaining Partnership program enables these companies and institutions to acknowledge and further align under a common goal to foster the principles of meat science and technology. Our Sustaining Partners have enhanced AMSA programs such as student development, scientific information outreach and building the global network of meat science professionals. The program includes five levels of partnership – Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Source: AMSA