Schweid and Son, burger lineSchweid and Sons, owned by Burger Maker in Carlstadt, N.J., has launched a new line of fresh burgers featuring the Certified Angus Beef brand. The company’s “Custom Blend” burger is made from whole-muscle chuck and brisket for a distinctive flavor profile. For the “One Percenter” burger in the Schweid and Sons line, chucks from CAB Prime are used, where less than 1.5 percent of beef meets the brand’s strict quality standards. Both items are available as 5.3 oz. burgers with four per package, and 2.0 oz. burgers with 16 per package. The product line’s traditional-looking butcher-paper sleeve overwrap utilizes tray-sealed packaging that makes an attractive addition to the meat case. The fresh products have a 21-day shelf life.