The United States has filed an appeal at the World Trade Organization, challenging the most recent WTO ruling against country-of-origin labeling (COOL). The WTO recently ruled against the United States and in favor of Canada and Mexico, which claimed that the COOL law discriminated against imported meat. The WTO said in its ruling that the U.S. had failed to bring the labeling laws into line with global trade rules, reports Reuters.

As a result of that recent ruling, Canada and Mexico were given the right to impose trade senctions against U.S. products.

Canada’s Federal Trade Minister Ed Fast said Friday that Canada is deeply disappointed with the U.S. decision to appeal, reports CTV News.

"Canada fully expected the United States to live up to its international trade obligations and comply with the WTO ruling, which reaffirms Canada's long-standing view that the revised U.S. COOL measure is blatantly protectionist and fails to comply with the WTO's original ruling against it," Fast said in a release.

"With this delay, the United States is yet again preventing both of our countries from enjoying the benefits of freer and more open trade and is hurting farmers, ranchers and workers in the United States and Canada," said Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz, adding that Canada could impose sanctions against U.S. products as early as next year if the U.S. does not comply with the WTO ruling.

Sources: Reuters, CTV News