The industry's best skinners keep getting better, with new upgrades and conversion kits that keep your Prime Equipment Group Chicken and Turkey Skinners performing their best.

"Prime Skinners lead the industry in performance, yield and efficiency, but we're always working to make them even better," said Prime Equipment Group President Joe Gasbarro.

"We've made a number of improvements to our skinners that are standard equipment on our new skinners" Gasbarro said. "But for existing skinner owners, we make sure nearly all of them can be retro-fitted to earlier skinners to upgrade performance."

Available enchancements include:

  • No-Water Conversion Kit: Available for Chicken and Turkey models, the kit converts a traditional or low-water Skinner to a No-Water model. The conversion uses an air knife instead of water to clear the paddlewheel, eliminating water use in the Skinner entirely. Air filters (shown at right) ensure sanitary air supply to the air knife.
  • Larger access door for easier access: The new-style chain-drive-bay door is larger and offers better access. That saves time and simplifies maintenance, helping your bottom line with faster service times and simplified cleaning.
  • Positive-stop adjusters: A new positive-stop kit for the skinner pinchblock prevents overtightening of the pinchblock to the paddle wheel. The stop also promotes proper alignment, preventing premature wear and extending part life.
  • Pinchblock Rail Catch: A new rail catch prevents mis-handling of the pinchblock during disassembly for cleaning and replacement. During maintenance and santitation, the pinchblock rests against the stop and cannot drop further into the machine..

For more information:on the No-Water Conversion Kit, or any of the additional ease-of-maintenance upgrades, call (614) 253-8950, visit or contact your Prime Equipment Group Regional Sales Manager today.