The United States Department of Agriculture has recertified Dorner Manufacturing’s AquaPruf 7400 Ultimate Series conveyor platform for meeting all the necessary hygiene requirements for the design of mechanical belt conveyors used in meat and poultry processing, as outlined in NSF/ANSI/3-A 114159-3-2010. 

In receiving its recertification, the 7400 Ultimate Series conveyor’s design meets or exceeds USDA standards for sanitation, functionality and cleanliness in equipment. Dorner’s 7400 Ultimate Series originally received its USDA certification in fall 2006.

“As federal regulations become more stringent in the area of food processing, sanitation continues to be an important topic to food processors,” said Stacy Pabst, director of marketing, Dorner Mfg. “Our customers can be assured that the 7400 Ultimate platform provides them with the highest level of sanitation in a modular belt conveyor on the market today.”

The AquaPruf 7400 Ultimate Series conveyor incorporates the latest engineering designs to provide the highest sanitation level, and the fastest cleaning times—which means more time for production and higher return-on-investment for customers in industries such as ready-to-eat foods, raw meat, raw poultry, raw seafood and pharmaceutical.

Dorner ConveyorThe 7400 Ultimate comes with several advanced design benefits such as:

  • Fully assembled to completely disassembled in less than two minutes, without tools, for fast and effective sanitation
  • All TIG welded open frame design with virtually no horizontal surfaces for water drainage
  • TIG welded solid stainless steel rounded cross-members — eliminates internal surfaces where bacteria could be harbored; no fasteners in the food zone
  • Solid UHMW wear strips removable without tools for complete access to conveyor frame during cleaning
  • TIG welded stand offs keep fasteners out of food zone — provides a more sanitary environment by distancing potential food harbor points away from conveyor
  • Threadless stainless steel support-stand feet — no exposed threads eliminates potential harbor points

Performance specifications of the 7400 Ultimate include:

  • Available in straight flat, curved flat, Z-frame and cleated modular belt models
  • Loads up to 20 pounds per square foot of belt
  • Belt speeds of up to 233 feet per minute
  • Lengths up to 83 feet
  • Widths up to three feet

Dorner’s AquaPruf 7600 Ultimate Series conveyor received its recertification Nov. 13, 2014; Dorner’s 7600 Ultimate Series Conveyor platform is also USDA certified for sanitary requirements. 

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