Swifty 225.jpgConsisting of WeighPack’s PrimoCombi combination scale; Swifty Bagger – horizontal bagger for pre-made bags; and incline infeed conveyor; this complete stainless steel system is constructed to eliminate the risk of contamination.          

It’s sanitary design includes solid steel angled frames to eliminate water and particle build up. Full welds and magnetic safety switches in place of key holes and exposed threaded screws for water tight doors and panels. Extended plexiglass over-cover and fully welded bottom-cover on the Swifty Bagger to protect the components from water infiltration during washdown keeping the inside of the bagger as clean as possible.

Furthermore, the incline infeed conveyor was equipped with the clean-in-place feature both on the outside and inside of the conveyor belt to provide a quick and accurate cleaning process. Simply turn on the valve and run the conveyor belt; water will spray out of seven 1/4 inch nozzles guaranteeing no area goes unwashed.

Maximize efficiency while eliminating the risk of bacteria contamination with this complete washdown-friendly packaging solution for ready-to-eat meat. 

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