JiffyStair225.jpgThe JiffyStairTM Modular Stair System presents customers with a fully palletized knock-down assembly stair system. As a palletized stairway system, the JiffyStairTM maximizes efficiency and speed. Manufactured for customer readiness, the JiffyStair™ is efficiently packaged on a pallet for cost-effective shipment, and speedy assembly in the field.

“The new JiffyStairTM will be a favorite of our customers,” said Hubert A. Schlegel, director of Marketing, Wildeck. “We look to please our customers with a quality manufactured product that utilizes a modular framework, packaged completely on a pallet, and provides cost-effective shipping - all with a customer-ready response time.”

The JiffyStairTM Modular Stair System seeks to provide customers with a quality stair system for quick stair solutions. Its exclusive product packaging fits all components on a standard pallet for hassle-free shipment. Customers will appreciate the freight rates on the new JiffyStairTM Modular Stair System when compared to other stair systems, especially since it is available for shipment by other means, such as LTL, to reduce freight rates. 

For more information, visit www.wildeck.com or www.ladderindustries.com.