Independent Processormagazine, a trade magazine dedicated to small and mid-sized meat-processing companies, has named Dole & Bailey of Woburn, Mass., its 2015 Independent Processor of the Year. The award recognizes a small or mid-sized company that exemplifies all of the best qualities of the meat-processing industry.  As winner of this award, Dole & Bailey will be featured as the cover story in the August 2015 issue of Independent Processor.

Dole & Bailey was founded in 1868 in the historic Faneuil Hall; also referred to as the cradle of liberty and Boston’s original indoor marketplace and meeting house .  Today D&B is a complex FOOD HUB that provides chefs throughout the Northeast with everything they could possibly need for their menus. 

Their 5th generation craft butchers are continuously seeking new ways to excite area chefs by creating unique items from our nose-to-tail offerings, to their specialty portions, and signature blends of ground beef. Their fresh local seafood programs feature unusual and underutilized species.  Gourmet and produce teams work diligently to source foods from local native artisans and ethnic specialties that span the globe.

Of critical acclaim is their re-creation of the Northeast Farm-gate through Northeast Family Farms and Northeast Oceans connecting Farmers and Fishermen directly with Chefs.  In ten years D&B has purchased from over one hundred different family owned farms throughout the Northeast, investing over $2.5 million in local processing fees with abattoirs, and harvesting over 100,000 naturally raised local animals.

As chefs and diners continue to show an increased interest in where their food comes from, Dole & Bailey has been a leader in using third party sources to verify handling, processing and record-keeping procedures providing full farm to fork traceability. In April of 2015 they were the first processor to achieve Animal Welfare Approved status. In 2010 they became the first USDA Certified Organic Handler and the first distributor to be Certified Humane approved. In 2014 they were named the country’s first Green Restaurant Association Distributor and have been ISO 9002 Registered for over 20 years.

 “More and more, people are looking for authentic locally raised, natural foods,” says Sam Gazdziak, Editor-in-Chief of Independent Processor. “Dole & Bailey has a history that is matched by few other companies in this country, but it’s also a very forward-thinking processor that is meeting the needs of today’s consumer.  One of the secrets to reaching 150 years as a thriving business is the ability to change with the times and adapt to current needs. We are honored to select them as our 2015 Independent Processor of the Year and look forward to telling their story in our magazine.”

The award was judged by members of the editorial staff of the Independent Processor and its sister publication, The National Provisioner, as well as meat industry experts. Judges were looking for companies that were financially successful but also excelled in areas like product innovation, community outreach, sustainability and employee welfare.

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