Tippmann Innovation (Ti) – has successfully patented its QuickFreeze System. The newly patented in-rack freezing system cuts freeze time for food products by as much as 40% when compared to traditional blast freezers. QuickFreeze also offers more consistent and predictable freezing results.

The primary advantage of the QuickFreeze System is its ability to maximize airflow through food
products. This is accomplished by sealing the product against the negative air pressure plenum to draw air evenly through product spacers in every pallet. Airflow at the center of pallets freezing in the QuickFreeze System has been measured at up to 30 times the airflow in a typical blast freezer.

Both food manufacturers and third party refrigerated warehouses benefit from the QuickFreeze System by reducing freeze times and having the assurance of a complete freeze. It also helps cut costs because it freezes product faster, which results in shorter turn-over rates.

There are other advantages to the patented QuickFreeze System, as well. The QuickFreeze System is much easier to load and unload when compared to a traditional blast cell. Using the QuickFreeze system results in fewer touches and less time required to move each pallet of product. With QuickFreeze, product freezes evenly at lower temperatures, helping to lower utility costs.

“We are extremely proud of our patented QuickFreeze technology,” says Sam Tippmann, President of Tippmann Innovation. “We believe it marks a new era for the entire industry where efficiency and consistency take center stage.”

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