Ditch the salt shakers! Research suggests that 75% of our salt consumption is derived naturally from the foods we eat. Therefore, those who are prone to adding extra salt would do well to note that cutting back could lead to lowered blood pressure and decreased risk of stroke and heart disease.

Wild Planet Foods, a leading provider of sustainably caught seafood, makes cutting back easy with the new addition of their three new No Salt Added products, which will include Wild Skipjack Light Tuna No Salt Added; Wild Sardines in Water No Salt Added and Alaska Pink Salmon No Salt Added.

Similar to all of Wild Planet’s products, these new releases are sustainably caught with harvesting practices 100% compliant with the Best Choices for Sustainability recommendations offered by a number of environmental groups.

The Wild Skipjack Light Tuna No Salt Added contains no artificial ingredients or fillers and nothing to drain – just 100% pure tuna. A delicious light tuna steak, Wild Planet’s Wild Skipjack Light Tuna contains only 80mg of sodium and is OU Kosher Pareve and is Non GMO Project certified. Wild Planet’s Wild Skipjack Light Tuna No Salt Added is available at $2.99 per 5oz can.

Wild Planet’s Alaska Pink Salmon No Salt Added is caught in the icy waters of the Pacific Northwest and contains only 55mg of sodium. This pure and delicious salmon is OU Kosher Pareve, and Non GMO Project certified. Rich in Omega 3 and a great source of lean protein, Wild Planet’s Wild Alaska Pink Salmon is available at an SRP of $4.69 per 6oz can.

Lastly, with only 50mg of sodium, the Wild Sardines in Water No Salt Added are certified OU Kosher Pareve and are high in protein, loaded with calcium, phosphorus and iron and are an excellent source of Omega 3 and Coenzyme Q10. It is an available for an SRP of $3.50 for each 4.375oz (125g) can.All three new products from Wild Planet will be found at natural retailers as well as regular grocery chains nationwide.

For additional information, visit www.wildplanetfoods.com or call 800-998-9946.