A 70-year-old cattle auction business in Lexington, Ky. was destroyed in a fire over the weekend. There were no human fatalities in the fire at Blue Grass Marketing Group, but there were 20 cattle in the facility that were presumed dead.

The fire started on Saturday, January 30, reports the New York Daily News. Firefighters were alerted to the blaze by employees who were working at the business. More than 120 firefighters battled the fire for several hours in a wooden structure that Interim Fire Chief Harold Hoskins compared to “a standing lumber yard.”

“It’s just a lot of wood, a lot of combustibles. Its’ been here forever, so it’s dried out and it’s ready to burn,” Hoskins said. “The wind is what caused it to cross the street.”

Hoskins said several businesses were destroyed over one city block, including several vehicles parked at a towing company that exploded during the worst of the blaze.

The cause of the fire was not determined yet. Blue Grass Marketing Group operates in other locations in Kentucky, and there was no word on if the Lexington site would be rebuilt.

Source: New York Daily News