The 880 Auto Wrapper is METTLER TOLEDO’s top-of-the-line model in the new 800 series for weighing, wrapping and labeling in backroom environments. With the 880 Auto Wrapper, METTLER TOLEDO is responding to the needs of grocery retailers who are looking for a robust and economical fully-automated wrapping station – one that can cope with the highest demands and which has sufficient capacity reserves for large production volumes. With an operational footprint of less than 20 square feet, it is one of the most compact systems currently available in its class.

Perfect Wraps

The 880 Auto Wrapper guarantees food retailers a perfect wrap every time. Operators simply place the trays on the infeed tray and the machine’s insertion mechanism and centering belt correctly position any skewed or angled trays in a fraction of a second. The 880 Auto Wrapper perfectly seals the trays, both in terms of appearance and with high mechanical precision to prevent any product spillages or leaks at a later stage. The device reduces film consumption and hence the total cost of ownership since, unlike in the case of manual wrapping, multiple wraps are not necessary. Furthermore, the alignment and position of the label can be adjusted – monitored by sensors – accurately with a simple tap on the touchscreen. In addition, the 880 Auto Wrapper can optionally support labeling on the bottom of the tray.

Easy to Operate

The 880 Auto Wrapper is very easy to use and does not involve costly operator training, even for temporary or part-time employees who have no previous experience of working with automated wrapping machines. In the case of a changeover, whether of products or films, the step-by-step instructions on the device’s large touchscreen display guide operators through the process to ensure the operator is using the machine safely and correctly. Moreover, the 880 Auto Wrapper has a tactile numeric keypad. Hence, during product changeovers, advanced operators can enter the PLU directly via the tactile keypad without searching or even looking at the touchscreen, resulting in even faster and more efficient operation.

The film chamber is conveniently accessible from the front of the machine. Therefore roll changes are completed in a matter of seconds. The same holds true for day-to-day cleaning. Any offal incurred during wrapping is collected in the base of the 880 Auto Wrapper and can be removed quickly and easily by opening the flap in the housing. The hard-wearing and durable infeed tray can easily be removed for quick and thorough cleaning.

In order to protect operators from an accident or injury, the mechanics and software of the 880 Auto Wrapper have been designed with optimal safety in mind. Any moving parts which could cause injury are guarded from being touched inadvertently with covers and safety stops. The ease of operation and the low level of daily maintenance required help to minimize the total cost of ownership. The 880 Auto Wrapper’s energy saving mode automatically shuts down the heating element when the machine is not in use, reducing power consumption and saving energy especially during idle times.

Optimized Uptime

Operational uptime is mission-critical. Technical problems in the backroom can interrupt the supply of saleable goods to the front of store, which in turn has a negative impact on turnover and profit. The robust design and construction of the 880 Auto Wrapper boosts the uptime of the automatic wrapping station and ensures that it can reliably withstand the harsh operating conditions of the backroom environment for many years. Furthermore, METTLER TOLEDO has developed an innovative service model for the 880 Auto Wrapper based on periodic maintenance activities during scheduled machine downtime. This gives food retailers extra reassurance of maximum operational uptime for their 880 Auto Wrapper.

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