In this latest video, Editor-in-chief Andy Hanacek gives his take on the E. coli outbreak at Chipotle and discusses the CDC’s role or lack thereof in providing answers to consumers.

UPDATE 3/17: Hanacek’s reaction to Chipotle’s hiring of Dr. James Marsden as Executive Director of Food Safety, as reported yesterday:

“While the hiring of Dr. Marsden is a wise and respectable move, and I do consider it a positive step toward fixing the food-safety issues Chipotle has had, it strikes me more as a headline-grabbing, calm-the-shareholders maneuver than one that changes my opinions in the video above. There’s little doubt in my mind that Dr. Marsden, given the proper resources and clearances/approvals, will get Chipotle on the right track on food safety. It will take time, however. That said, to consumers, does this hiring mean anything? Dr. Marsden certainly is well-known and well-respected in the industry, and rightfully so. I’m simply not sure the average Chipotle consumer will see this as a green light to return to the burrito counter. From a consumer standpoint, I’d still want to see an announcement of what exactly went wrong in the supply chain and how Chipotle specifically was going to fix it, communicated in detail to the public by Chipotle — no more secrecy and silence.”