IFFA held one of three satellite meat competitions in the Madison, Wisconsin. Hear from a participant, a judge and others to learn all about why IFFA made the move to bring the competition to the United States and how processors can benefit from entering.


Chris Young, Executive Director of AAMP, discusses how AAMP partnered with IFFA to bring the meat judging competition to the United States as well as the biggest challenges and opportunities for small processors. Read the interview here.


Gero Jentzsch of the German Butcher’s Association gives a detailed breakdown of the judging criteria at IFFA and discusses how the German Butcher’s Association judging differs from the American Association of Meat Processors. Read the interview here.


Rick Reams, owner and operator of RJ’s Meats and Groceries, discusses the benefits of entering meat competitions and gives advice to those who have never competed. Read the interview here.


Jeff Sindelar, Department of Animal Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and host of the event, discusses why the competition now has several satellite competitions, how this competition differs from American quality meat competitions and what are the benefits of entering these competitions.  Read the interview here.