Effective immediately, North American processors of meats, poultry and cheese will be able to purchase both Weber and Textor brand slicers exclusively through one sales channel, headquartered in Kansas City MO. Technical support, parts supply and machine service has and will continue to be delivered from the North American Technology Center, headquarters of Weber, Inc.

“Textor and Weber will now be represented by one sales team with the sole focus of working with North American customers to select from the wide array of Weber and Textor brands,” said Joerg Schmeiser, Managing Director of Textor, Inc., Wolfertschwenden, Germany. “Our ambition has been to provide our customers with an additional option of the Textor brand and that ambition will remain unchanged,” he continued.

According to Jarrod McCarroll, President and CEO of Weber, Inc., “This small change in the delivery of support for our brands comes from continuously listening to our customers and adapting to their needs. In a nutshell, our business model has evolved because processors expressed a preference for dealing with one trusted sales representative, one team of engineers and one supplier of their slicing solutions. They rely on us as the experts, to advise them which slicing technology best fits their current and future needs,” he explained.

With both brands represented by a single advisor, Textor and Weber are confident that this sales channel structure will bring them even closer to the market by allowing their customers to choose the best solution from the wide variety of technologies that Textor and Weber have independently designed.

For more information, call 1-800-505-959 or email at usasales@weberslicer.com.