al fresco all natural, best known for their gourmet chicken sausage, has just released a product that will spruce up every meal with two little words: Chicken fresco's new, uncured chicken bacon has 70% less fat and 40% less sodium than pork bacon, and 30% less fat than turkey bacon. The bacon is naturally cured, so no nitrates, nitrites or artificial ingredients, and it is gluten free. The only ingredients are chicken, water, a dash of raw sugar, sea salt and celery powder. Talk about a clean label. Two crispy slices boast a mere 30 calories and only 1.5 grams of fat. But most importantly, it’s delicious. al fresco is the first major brand to introduce fully cooked chicken bacon to the market.

Not only is al fresco’s chicken bacon all natural and guilt-free, but it is fully cooked and ready-to-eat. Snack right from the easy-to-open pouches or heat in the microwave for just a few seconds. Try it crumbled and sprinkled over a green salad, tucked inside a frittata, mixed into a veggie sauté or layered into a sandwich.

Sarah Crowley, Director of Marketing for al fresco all natural, is very excited about this latest product launch. “al fresco is all about eating better and what’s better than bacon?! How about two slices of all natural chicken bacon with only 30 calories and 1.5 grams of fat We are very excited to tap into consumers’ ever-growing demand for bacon while still allowing them to make healthier food choices without sacrificing flavor,” Crowley said.

al fresco fully cooked chicken bacon starts hitting shelves in November and will have full national distribution by January 2016. Each 3-ounce package of al fresco fully cooked chicken bacon contains 14 slices in two convenient, 7-slice, easy open pouches.

In addition to chicken bacon, al fresco has a successful line of breakfast, lunch and dinner products like chicken sausage, chicken burgers, chicken meatballs, chicken grillers, chicken patties and breakfast chicken sausage links and patties.

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