Get ready for one beefy weekend – National Jerky Day, June 12, is coming! In celebration of the meatiest holiday around, Jack Link’s and Sasquatch present the Ultimeat Meatathon fun run in McCarren Park, during the Northside Festival on June 11-12.

Taking place on National Jerky Day weekend, Jack Link’s is inviting all to earn their meat sweats by running, jumping or swinging by the 612 foot long Ultimeat Meatathon course and conquering some sweet obstacles, including the:

  • Feed Your Wild Side Jump: Scale a cargo net up to a platform and then take flight to land on a giant meat cloud.
  • Jerky Crawl: The steaks have never been lower. Crawl on your hands and knees through a meaty maze.
  • Forest Stump Jump: Channel Sasquatch and make your way across a field of stumps, without touching the ground.
  • Jerky Traverse Climbing Wall: I’ll never let go, jerky, I’ll never let go. You’d better not.
  • Hangry Gauntlet: Your big chance to fight off hangry, one punch at a time.

Top Ultimeat Meatathon participants will fuel their wild sides and medal in meat, with a year’s supply of mouthwatering jerky on the line. Additionally, every participant will feel like a winner at the ongoing National Jerky Day meat sweats celebration, a finish-line party where Jack Link’s will be giving away wild stuff, like free jerky samples, swag and more throughout the weekend. 

“National Jerky Day is the meatiest time of the year and no one can celebrate this holiday like Jack Link’s,” said Tom “TD” Dixon, chief marketing officer at Jack Link’s. “We’re pumped to host the Ultimeat Meatathon and give race hopefuls the chance to feed and fuel their wild sides, and to proudly show us their meat sweats, all to bring home the jerky.”

Go to for event details; registration will take place at the event. Sasquatch will be waiting.

Source: Jack Link’s