This year at IFT, Roquette collaborates with KOR Food Innovation, the country’s premier Culinary Marketing Agency, to offer innovative solutions addressing today’s consumer needs, with a keen focus on the current flexitarian trend driven mostly by millennial consumers. With Roquette products, we not only deliver solutions, but also create a unique and delicious experience.

Consumers today need more from their food than just delicious taste. More fiber, more protein, more nutrient-dense food and specialty formulation, is what makes these goals come to life.
Roquette is not only one of the world’s premier suppliers of performance ingredients, but also a solution provider as well as a forward thinking applications specialist, optimizing collaboration in all areas of food product development, delivering more functional foods to the industry, and emphasizing on maintaining the quality of the gold standard.

The Star of the show: “Vegan Burger”: A vegan hamburger patty high in protein and a source of fiber, and it is also completely free from soy. Our key ingredient is NUTRALYS T70S. This new 100% plant-based new texturizing protein ingredient is made exclusively from yellow pea. NUTRALYS T70S has a neutral taste and color, allowing a variety of meat substitutes with different flavors, colors and outstanding sensory performance. NUTRALYS T70S delivers a unique meaty texture and versatile use that can be adapted to different types of meat substitutes (e.g. burger, chicken breast, sausage). NUTRALYS T70S is a nutritionally balanced source of protein (70%) that is gluten- and soy-free, and contains no products of animal origin. The fibrous texture of this extruded ingredient becomes evident after it is rehydrated. When not ground or minced, the ingredient makes it possible to simulate pieces of meat. Beyond its unique functionalities, NUTRALYS T70S meets an increasingly strong market demand for allergen control. The vegan burger also incorporates a clean and friendly label Ketchup made with our Non-GMO Pea Syrup, answering consumer demands for locally sourced non-GMO ingredients, as well as Vegan Mayonnaise with no egg content.

Visitors will discover a whole range of innovative concepts showcasing a variety of applications. In confectionery they will experience new concepts with our XTAB compressed tablets, and also a new range of gummies made with our locally sourced Non-GMO Pea Syrup. Roquette is always looking to be ahead of the curve, pays close attention to today’s needs, presenting one of a kind Vegan Solutions for Dairy products such as Vegan Milk, Drinkable Vegan Yogurt Alternative, and Liquid Vegan Coffee creamer all of them with exquisite rich texture and amazing taste. Visitors will also find healthy, nutrient dense ingredients in our bakery applications delivering good source of fiber, good source of protein without compromising taste.