To freshen its frozen, ready-to-eat retail packaging and introduce a new sub-brand system, Foster Farms partnered with Murray Brand Communications to design evolutionary new packaging graphics and prepare mechanical art templates for 40 SKUs.

Using qualitative analysis tools including brand equity research and client stakeholder interviews, Murray Brand’s design team identified visual equities to be preserved from the existing packaging as well as graphic themes and styles to be pursued as part of an evolutionary new look. This was followed by SWOT analysis of competitive packaging to more fully understand competitor positioning, graphic treatments to be avoided and differentiating product benefit statements.

To avoid confusing consumers accustomed to Foster Farms’ highly identifiable color palette previously designed by Murray Brand, retention of the brand’s bright yellow primary packaging color was recommended. New banner designs, fonts and violators were then created and staged to optimize eye tracking, ensure consistency across all SKUs and brand block competitors in the retail set.

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