The Fremont, Neb. city council approved plans to construct a larger poultry complex planned by club store chain Costco. The plans, reports WOWT News (NBC affiliate), includes an 85,000 square foot hatchery, 360,000 square foot processing facility, 32,000 square foot feed mill with 145 foot silos. The new plant requires public utility improvements including 3.6 miles of electric service lines, 1.5 miles of water lines, 3.2 miles of gas lines and 4.5 miles for sewerage.

The plans are larger than the original proposal. The cost of construction has doubled, and the tax-increment financing will increase by at least one-third.

“Costco has done their due diligence. They’re revised their plans. Their plans got larger and with that the price tag got larger,” Fremont Mayor Scott Getzschman said Tuesday.

Costco has previously said that the project will create 800-1,000 new jobs and provide an additional $93 million in additional tax base. Some Fremont residents have criticized the plan, expressing concerns about the area’s environment.

Source: WOWT