Sealed Air announces the launch of Diversey Knowledge-based Services, a range of consulting and implementation services that enable food and beverage processors to capitalize on improved use of equipment and resources.

Drawing on Sealed Air’s decades of experience providing processors with a wide range of hygiene solutions, the new Knowledge-based Services allow operators to take a more proactive approach to maximizing efficiency, food safety and profitability while using resources more responsibly.

Jorge Vitallé, Global Knowledge-based Services Executive Director at Sealed Air Food Care, explains: “For many food and beverage processors in North America, their equipment and operations have been in place for some time, yet the need for efficiency improvement and resource demands often yield results that are less than satisfactory. We know from market studies and research that many of these processors turn to outside consultants to help address these issues – yet most fall short in terms of industry knowledge and implementation capabilities. That’s why we developed a full range of Diversey Knowledge-based Services: to leverage our many years of service driving process improvement in hygiene with the added benefit of industry insight and experience. With Diversey KBS, we can take a more holistic view of system and process performance. Not only can we then identify key metrics that signal specific actions, we can also develop and help address the action plans to quickly implement these improvements.”

The new range of services available in North America include AirCheck, AquaCheck, SteamCheck, Dynamic Flow Monitoring, DryFormance Conveyor Systems and the Diversey Hygiene Academy. Services that are planned or in development include CIPCheck, based on game-changing technology innovations from Sealed Air’s acquisition of CIPTEC in 2016, OPCCheck, LubeCheck and BWCheck for bottlewashing.

Mr Vitallé continues, “The Knowledge-based Services will deliver against seven key operational pillars; productivity, water, energy, yield, shelf life, food safety and biosecurity. Performance analysis in these critical areas can improve overall process efficiency, while reducing energy, water and chemical use.”

Field trials in Europe and U.S. have already shown that Diversey Knowledge-based Services are capable of generating substantial savings in terms of water, energy or chemical use, as well as reducing time and labor costs – and that can add significant dollars straight to a company’s bottom line.

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