CleanSlate UV, a Buffalo-based  disinfection startup, has completed a first-of-its-kind  case study analyzing bacteria on mobile devices, tools and equipment in food processing. The study measured bacterial loads on items entering food production areas, and then analyzed CleanSlate’s effectiveness  in reducing these pathogens.

This saw a 100 percent reduction in Salmonella and other EB-family pathogens.

The pilot study was completed at Yashili Group’s dairy facility in Pokeno, New Zealand. The CleanSlate UV solution is capable of sanitizing multiple tools or devices in just 30 seconds without the use of any chemicals.

The solution was seamlessly integrated into the plant’s HACCP protocols, allowing staff, technicians and auditing staff to disinfect RT radios, tablets, thermometers  and other tools and equipment prior to entering the processing areas.

“Yashili is committed to the highest standards of food quality and safety.  The Quality Improvement  team looked beyond conventional standards and recognized that portable electronics, such as RT radios and tablets, undermine hand hygiene and could be significant sources of cross-contamination.  We worked with the Yashili Quality Assurance Team to establish a baseline of aerobic and enterobacteriaceae plate counts prior to the installation of the CleanSlate.  In the two months after CleanSlate’s integration into HACCP protocols, we continued to monitor bacteria on these electronics. We found that we were able to reduce enterobacteriaceae family bacteria by 100% and reduce the total aerobic bacteria by 87%.”
– Taylor Mann, CEO, CleanSlate UV

“Safe and effective disinfection routines for equipment entering the critical hygiene environment. Led to an immediate reduction in micro counts on hand held and small electronic equipment when compared to standard entry routine. It was easy to use and more versatile than originally anticipated. Positive staff feedback from Day 1.”
- Steve Smith, Quality & Compliance Manager, Yashili New Zealand Dairy Co. Ltd.

“The process is simple and user-friendly. CleanSlate devices were placed next to the hand washing stations where staff simply placed their portable electronics and tools into the CleanSlate while washing their hands. The UV technology is completely chemical-free  and decreases the risk of cross-contamination.”
– Manjunath Anand, CTO, CleanSlate UV Key Facts

  • CleanSlate’s technology uses ultraviolet (UV-C) light to disinfect portable electronics and tools in just 30 seconds.
  • It uses no chemicals, achieves medical-grade  disinfection, and requires no training to use.
  • 40 percent of all devices and tools entering the facility were contaminated  with EB-family pathogens.

CleanSlate UV was founded in June 2014 with the goal of effectively sanitizing mobile devices in healthcare, food processing and corporate environments.  In October of 2015 the company was awarded USD $500,000 from 43North in Buffalo, the largest business competition in the world.  The company has deployed their solution in hospitals, food processing facilities and corporate offices in four countries.

A video introduction to CleanSlate UV can be found here: