KFC has announced that by the end of 2018, all chicken purchased by KFC in the U.S. will be raised without antibiotics important to human medicine.

“This includes our chicken tenders and popcorn chicken; but we’re especially proud to be the first major chicken chain to extend this commitment to our bone-in chicken, which includes our signature Original Recipe, Extra Crispy, and Kentucky Grilled Chicken, as well as our wings,” the company added in a statement.

As part of the process that the company is calling its “Re-Colonization,” KFC said that it is working with more than 2,000 farms across the country to make the change.

“What I’m especially proud of is that this is only one part of our bigger food commitment. For example, by the end of next year all of our core products will be free of artificial colors and flavors,” said Kevin Hochman, President, KFC U.S.

Source: KFC