Artic Solar, Inc., a Jacksonville, FL, based company, announced today the integration of its advanced solar technology in the Traders Hill Farm sustainable aquaponics farm in Hilliard, Florida. Artic Solar is the exclusive U.S. manufacturer of the Emperor External Concentrating Parabolic Collector (XCPC), a hybrid solar heating solution and will monitor the solar energy production for Traders Hill Farm, a provider of sustainable – delicious and difficult-to-grow produce year-round that requires zero soil, pesticide or herbicides and also provides Tilapia with other fish products.

“So far, our farm has been able to produce a superior product with little or no waste”, said Tracy Nazzaro, CFO at Traders Hill Farm. “Artic Solar will eliminate the need for electric or fossil fueled heaters to maintain the perfect year-round water temperature critical to our success.”

“This is only the beginning” said Artic Solar President William Guiney. “The success of this endeavor will significantly affect production costs for aquaponics, aquaculture, and hydroponics industries as they continue to grow and expand in the Southeast and colder climates.”

The Emperor XCPC, a Concentrating Parabolic Collector (CPC), originally developed at the University of California, Merced Solar Lab, has a power rating of 1.25 KW. Additional applications of solar energy will be identified for Traders Hill that may include humidity control, nocturnal cooling in the summer and electricity generation.

The cost-effective XCPC solar technology at Traders Hill is suited for heating applications from 80°F to 400°F and maintains a solar efficiency from 60 – 50 percent at high temperatures. This solar thermal collector is the only non-tracking high-temperature technology designed for solar air-conditioning and industrial-process-heat and water desalinization applications requiring temperatures up to 400°F.

Recently ICC/SRCC Certified (International Code Council/Solar Ratings & Certification Corporation), the XCPC comes with a unique low-cost mounting system for easy installation.

Artic Solar established in Jacksonville in 2013 with over 35 years of experience in the solar industry is building an exclusive nationwide dealer network to sell, install and service industrial and commercial solar heating systems while pioneering new applications for high temperature solar heat in the food and beverage industry throughout the US and Caribbean.