The North American Meat Institute and Urner Barry released The Pork Book: Fundamentals of the Pork Trade from Farm to Table. The Pork Book, which complements the Beef Book and the Meat Buyer's Guide, examines pork packing, production, preparation, cuts, pricing and animal welfare. 

“The Pork Book is the most informative and comprehensive resource for students, consumers and professionals in the food industry and agricultural sector interested in enhancing their knowledge about the pork industry and the most common and popular pork cuts,” said Meat Institute President and CEO Barry Carpenter.  “With easy-to-read guides, detailed infographics and charts and in-depth statistics, the book is a must-have resource for pork experts and novices alike.”

The book also features chapter quizzes and key terms, and can be used for staff training and in culinary curriculums. 

The Meat Institute and Urner Barry also announced the availability of the  Pork Book Playing Cards.  The standard 52-card deck features high quality images of the most popular cuts of pork.  The four suits are comprised of loins, shoulder, bellies/ribs and ham.  The cards also include interesting historical facts about pork, as well as essential cooking and storage tips.

The Pork Book costs $49 and the cards sell for $9.95 per deck, with volume discounts available for each item.  For more information and to place an order, click here.

Source: NAMI