Oberto Beef Jerky, the nation’s leading all natural jerky brand, is upping the ante in jerky taste and quality with the unveiling of delicious new versions of its signature, best-selling jerky products.  Created in collaboration with world-renowned celebrity Chef Mark Miller, a James Beard award-winner, the new recipes combine Oberto’s all-natural jerky ingredients with robust blends of spices to deliver unbelievable taste and flavor unmatched in the jerky industry.  Consumers will be able to taste the Oberto difference for themselves as the new best-selling recipe editions of Oberto Original Beef Jerky, Teriyaki Beef Jerky, Peppered Beef Jerky, and Spicy Sweet Beef Jerky hit stores in 2017.

The project was kicked off when Oberto CEO Tom Hernquist challenged his company to set a new standard of taste in the exploding jerky category.  “With as red hot as the meat snacks business is, we wanted to set a new standard in taste and flavor,” said Oberto CEO Tom Hernquist. 

As a result, Oberto kicked off extensive consumer testing to determine the “perfect jerky.” After conducting comprehensive testing to understand consumer preferences, it was time to create new jerky recipes. With multiple rounds of experimenting in the kitchen and statistical testing with consumers, Oberto landed its winners.

“We fully believe that our new recipes represent the best tasting jerky available.  Taste is the number one attribute when it comes to distinguishing a snack brand,” said Hernquist. “We can’t wait for our current loyal customers and new customers alike to taste and experience the new Oberto difference.” 

The unveiling of these new recipes continues Oberto’s laser focus on differentiating itself in the booming meat snacks arena, which has exploded to annual sales of nearly $3 billion dollars.  (Source: Nielsen ScanTrak ). In January Oberto expanded its product portfolio into an entirely new line of Oberto Trail Mix products with premium nuts, fruit and chocolate.

To help both its new recipe products as well as its entire Oberto jerky assortment stand out at retail, Oberto will introduce all-new packaging across its full line.  The new packaging features on the front larger sports-themed imagery that supports the brand’s active lifestyle positioning, and the four skus featuring the newly enhanced flavoring will have a call-out on the improved recipes. The back panel spotlights Oberto’s proud history as a Pacific-Northwest born company. This reinforces Oberto’s all-natural jerky that is meticulously crafted from start to finish at their local Seattle factory.

For more information, visit www.oberto.com.