Jerky is the fastest growing snack food in the United States (IRI data). Americans spent $2.8 billion on dried meat snacks last year. Jerky is perfect for meeting the increased demand for protein (NPR) and snacking habits amongst millennials. Even with increased sales, there is still a major gap in the market for healthy jerky. Most commercial jerky is loaded with sugar and fillers.

Introducing the game-changer: Think Jerky - the First Healthy Chef-Crafted Jerky!

This line of beef and turkey jerky gives today's consumers what they really want:

  • Grass-fed beef and free-range turkey raised with no added hormones or antibiotics
  • Single-serve bags that have 100 calories, 16 grams of protein and only 6 grams of carbs
  • Gluten-free; nitrite-free; GMO free, Nutrient dense with no fillers and half the salt and sugar as mainstream jerky products
  • Paleo-friendly

Made in delicious flavors crafted by health-conscious celebrity chefs:

  • Laurent Gras | Three-Star Michelin Chef
  • Gale Gand | Food Network Host
  • Matt Troost | Farm-to-Table Expert

"Think Jerky brings jerky to a whole new level," said company founder Ricky Hirsch. "We've transformed jerky into a great-tasting sensible lifestyle product that is perfect for people who want to enjoy a protein-rich food that is really healthy. Our fans prefer chefs over scientists, farms over factories and taking the time to think before they eat."

According to Hirsch, women are the fastest growing consumer-at least half of all Think Jerky purchasers-are buying jerky as a healthy snack for themselves and for their children.

Think Jerky sold out within two days of launching this past December and grossed over $100,000 in January's online sales.

A welcome crossover product sold in a variety of retail settings

Early adopters among food retailers include Union Market in New York City as well as Mariano's supermarkets in the Midwest. Fitness clubs offering Think Jerky to their members include the highly regarded East Bank Club, River North Crossfit and South Loop Crossfit in Chicago. Online orders via have been tremendous with an aggressive social media following helping to boost awareness.

"Think Jerky has a vibrant flavor profile and you can taste the freshness and quality of ingredients," said Lisette Campbell from Union Market.

"Our members are very health conscious, so Think Jerky was a great addition to the Food Shop, our gourmet deli inside East Bank Club," said Carlos Molina, East Bank Club Director of Food and Beverage. "They taste great, they're high in protein, and they're low in calories, so our customers really like them."

Think Jerky appeals to many market segments.

"It's not just for the jerky section," says Hirsch. "The revolutionary Think Jerky also can be found in the natural and health food aisle, grab-and-go section, protein bar counter, craft cocktail department, and front and center at the cash register.

In addition,

  • Bars and restaurants are selling it on menus and chefs are using Think Jerky to enhance recipes
  • Parents seek it out because their kids love it and it's a healthy alternative to snacks with empty calories
  • It's the perfect snack and can be kept in a purse, briefcase or yoga bag.
  • It is an excellent protein to spice up a salad
  • Fitness centers are making it available in their food shops.
  • Members enjoy it as both pre-workout fuel and a post-workout recovery snack.
  • Weight loss enthusiasts like the fact that it is low in carbs, salt and sugar but very high in protein.

Exceptional flavors from celebrity chefs

Think Jerky founder Hirsch partnered with three top chefs to create innovative and flavor-packed jerky recipes, including two-time James Beard award winner and Food Network host, Gale Gand from Chicago; three-star Michelin chef and Food & Wine Best New Chef Laurent Gras from New York, and farm-to-table expert and Baconfest Champion Matt Troost from Chicago. As the product line develops, Hirsch plans to partner with new chefs to create more flavors.

Think Jerky is currently available in four flavors:

  • Sriracha Honey - Made with free-range turkey, gluten-free tamari, brown cane sugar, sriracha mix, honey, onion powder and cayenne pepper (Crafted by chef Gale Gand)
  • Ginger Orange - Made with grass-fed beef, gluten-free tamari, cane sugar, ginger, garlic powder, orange peel, onion powder, sesame seeds and cayenne pepper (Crafted by chef Gale Gand)
  • Sweet Chipotle - Made with grass-fed beef, water, cane sugar, raspberry juice concentrate, sea salt, ancho chili pepper powder, smoked paprika, black pepper and cayenne pepper (Crafted by chef Matt Troost)
  • Thanksgiving - Made with free-range turkey, cranberry juice, dried cranberries, cane sugar, cabernet vinegar, sea salt, black pepper, onion powder, smoked paprika, thyme, sage, garlic powder and marjoram (Crafted by chef Laurent Gras)

About Think Jerky: for retailers

  • Think Jerky is sold in 4 flavors: Sriracha Honey, Ginger Orange, Sweet Chipotle and Thanksgiving
  • The suggested retail price, and the online consumer price for Think Jerky, is $24.95 for a five-pack of 1.5 oz. bags.
  • Think Jerky is conveniently packaged not just for consumers, but for retailers as well. It comes in custom caddy boxes for display in any section of a store, and makes a great point of sale purchase.
  • Think Jerky is actively seeking new wholesale accounts and distributors who will help the products reach a wider audience.
  • Wholesale customers can request an account and once registered, purchase Think Jerky through the wholesale portal at The shelf life is one year.

For more information, please contact Think Jerky at or by telephone at 312-380-0039. Visit the Think Jerky website at