One person was killed and one injured at an accident on Wednesday at Manley Meats, a meat processing facility near Monroe, Ind. Justin Manley, 40, was pronounced dead at the scene, and a second unidentified employee was hospitalized.

According to the Decatur Daily Democrat, emergency services were dispatched to the meat processing facility after two individuals working in a sewer pit "went unresponsive," according to a news release by the Adams County Sheriff's Department. It is believed that Manley was overcome by fumes and lost consciousness. He was discovered by the second employee, who was similarly overcome.

The survivor was airlifted to a hospital in Ft. Wayne. Manley’s death has been rules an accident.

 A social media post by Manley Meats announced the store will be closed today "due to a family tragedy." Those who were scheduled to pick up orders at the market today are asked to call. The post goes on to say, "Please remember us in your prayers during this difficult time. We live in a great, caring community and we know you will lift us up."

Source: Decatur Daily Democrat