IFT attendees are encouraged to stop by Kemin Food Technologies booth #S3055 and find out more about how Kemin can help you meet your labeling goals without sacrificing shelf life. Kemin formulation expertise and an extensive portfolio of shelf-life solutions can help manufacturers achieve ‘claimability’ with label claims that give consumers what they are seeking.

Kemin will introduce several new products at IFT18, including:

Label friendly rosemary extract blend: FORTIUM® RVC, a combination of rosemary extract and ascorbic acid, will be introduced at IFT18. This new product helps complete the Kemin line of antioxidants, with solutions ranging from traditional synthetics and tocopherols, to cleaner label and naturally sourced shelf-life solutions. This new product offers superior suspension ability in oils over the competitor, resulting in a longer shelf life.

Food safety: BactoCEASE® NV is a portfolio of vinegar based products, which are part of the Kemin line of food safety solutions that protect against foodborne pathogens and spoilage bacteria. New organic varieties, as well as a higher concentration formula have been added to the line. These new versions are label friendly and offer a clean flavor, while extending the shelf life of ready-to-eat meats, fresh meat and poultry as well as fish products.

Kemin experts will be at IFT18 to help food and beverage manufacturers maintain safety and freshness while supporting desired claims, plus they help with ingredient sourcing, handling, processing, and delivery—along with regulatory support. It’s a whole new world of claims out there, and Kemin helps you navigate it to reach your destination.

Visit https://www.kemin.com/en/north-america/markets/food-technologies for more information.