Last March Infrabaker International participated in Anuga foodtech, not only with 2 new models of their Infrabaker line but also with a brand new exhibition concept.

“For many years now we have been participating in fairs and exhibitions worldwide,” says CEO P. de Theije, “and although this was in general a positive experience there was one element that we felt could be improved. Whenever and wherever we participated in fairs we always lost a lot of time in setting up and breaking up the booth. Our material would be shipped in crates and we spent a lot of time waiting for these crates to be picked up from the stand so we could finish preparing for the exhibition or for the crates to be brought back so we could pack up after the fair was over. Our new box eliminates all this waiting, because it also doubles as our kitchen and office.”

Infrabaker International teamed up with Wegra, their manufacturer to design and build a box that would offer more than a transport solution. The final design is both compact and versatile. It holds everything that is needed during an exhibition from the furniture in the booth to the test equipment that is brought in for demonstration purposes, from the marketing materials to a stocked kitchen that even comes with its own water supply! What is needed from the exhibition center is flooring, some lighting, a power cable to the box and you are good to go. Also the neutral exterior of the box can be transformed into a giant billboard with an integrated TV that plays the company video.

“We are very happy with the outcome,” says de Theije. “We first tested this out at Anuga Foodtech and I was determined to record the time needed to pack up the booth, but it was so quick that I forgot. We will definitely be taking this to all our upcoming fairs.”

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