Each day begins a new adventure in the world of representing small processors before regulatory agencies. I am not sure if we have had a continuous full moon for the last several months or not, but it seems like people have gone mad in the area of regulatory management. 

As you know, small processors are faced with some daunting challenges in order to meet the new regulatory requirements being issued by FSIS, especially when it comes to lethality and stabilization. The American Association of Meat Processors, along with others in the industry, are making great progress in our work with FSIS to come up alternatives better suited to help small processors meet the regulatory requirements. It does not stop there. It seems like something new comes out everyday that makes life a little more challenging for processors, and we find ourselves being called upon more and more to help put out fires with inspection personnel around the country, both at the federal and state inspection level. 

AAMP continues to work not only inside the Capitol beltway with FSIS and Congress to make sure that small or medium-sized independent processors have a voice that is heard, but we are also busy working with individual state inspection programs to ensure the same for processors in those states. AAMP is working to make sure that all current and new regulations are written and enforced with our industry in mind and that those developing new regulations understand the difficulties or consequences that the new regulation may pose for small processors.

AAMP has enjoyed a steady growth in membership over the last several years, and the more we grow, the louder the voice we have. Small processors make up the largest group of plants under inspection in the United States, and we need to continue to work to ensure that regulations are representative of the plant sizes they govern and do not become overreaching and burdensome for processors to meet. 

I would encourage you to review the information below and consider joining our association. Let us work for you as you work to meet your customer’s needs. AAMP appreciates the uniqueness of each of our members and their plants, and it is this diversity that gives us such a broad understanding of the needs of small processors. This is why our association motto is: “Individually Proud/Collectively Strong”. Join us today!