Introducing enhanced TASKMASTER industrial shredders for food waste processing. Franklin Miller shredders cut foodstuff, vegetables, meat products, fish, ingredients, plastic, packaging and more, down to size to facilitate processing, recycling and disposal. The TASKMASTER TM8500 features dual, counter-rotating cutters that intermesh at close clearance at low speed under extremely high torque.

This unit can be configured for coarse shredding as well as fine grinding, for small scale up to large scale applications. It is provided in either carbon steel or stainless steel construction. The unit has a compact design with 8.5” wide cutting chamber, 2” hex shaft and up to a 5 HP drive. As the cam shaped cutters intermesh at close clearance, they cut, shear, tear, slice, and rip apart a variety of materials into smaller pieces typically in a strip or chip-like output shape.

Franklin Miller’s size reduction processors play a vital role in the processing of food, food ingredients, food waste, food disposal, de-packaging, recycling and more. Chances are if you have a product or material that needs crushing, grinding, shredding or separating, we have a machine or system that will meet or exceed your expectations.

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