Today’s consumers are more health-conscience than ever before and read labels looking for ingredients that are simple, natural and easy to understand. This trend, which is broad based over the entire food category, adds dynamism to the marketplace and challenges for manufacturers as well as retailers.

Surveys reveal three out of four Americans will choose natural/organic foods over conventional foods at comparable prices. A quarter of grocery dollars are now devoted to natural/organic - up over 35% from four years ago!

Due to this trend, food scientists are compelled to eliminate synthetic chemicals and curious declarations without compromising quality.

For over 30 years, Bavaria Corporation, a veteran in natural preservation solutions, has developed unique and sophisticated functional natural ingredients that appeal to consumers while satisfying processors.

Bavaria’s most recent development and offering is “Prezervit 214”. Derived from vegetable (celery) and using state-of-the-art minimal processing techniques, this novel offering allows meat processors to eliminate the need for synthetic curing agents such as Sodium Nitrite.

Perzervit 214 is Bavaria’s innovative clean label offering to address consumer unfriendly “nitrates/nitrites” from ingredients in cured meat products. Perzervit allows end products to retain equivalent sensory attributes relative to traditional, synthetically, cured/processed products. Label friendly, the product variants declaration on end products are: “celery juice, celery juice powder, celery powder or natural flavor.”

Prezervit 214 allows processors the opportunity to have the functionality they demand while addressing consumer demands of Food Safety Natural/ Clean Label claims, Transparency, Natural Ingredients, No Additives/Preservatives and Clean Menus.

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