Responding to consumer interest in cleaner label products, Godshall’s Quality Meats is rolling out new, easier to read packaging for its Turkey Bacon.

“Our bacon hasn’t changed, we’re still producing the same real meat, real wood smoked turkey bacon that wins over pork bacon lovers at first taste.” Says Godshall’s President Ron Godshall. “We just realized that traditional packaging wasn’t showcasing what’s been amazing about our product all along. Our Turkey Bacon has 80% less fat than pork bacon, that’s much less fat than most of our competitors, even among turkey bacons. We’re also featuring our bacon’s 6 grams of protein packed into each slice, a terrific way to check a box that so many consumers are looking for!”

The packages also highlight that Godshall’s uses real wood to smoke their bacon. ”When you take shortcuts with things like liquid smoke, you just lose something, and that’s a recipe point I just will not compromise on," Godshall adds. “All our turkey bacons are gluten free and our Uncured Turkey Bacon is all natural, another feature our new format highlights.”

“My favorite feature of the new packaging is the slice view” Godshall explains, “the thing I’ve always hated about bacon was flipping over a dozen packs in the store, just to find the one with the most meat, that extra pink in the white; like every consumer, I don’t want to pay for the fat left in the pan. Our new package flips the stack and shows you the slice right out front, and 80% less fat means we’re almost bragging with that big meaty slice!

“We’ve made the best turkey bacon since 1994, our new design just lets consumers see the great attributes the product has always offered. Sometimes you just have to turn things upside down to change the industry, we think this new format will do just that!” he concludes.

Godshall’s new packaging is ready to hit consumer shelves this Labor Day.

Source: Godshall’s