Certified Piedmontese—a Lincoln, Nebraska-based beef company—recently launched the Certified Piedmontese Beef Club, which offers collections of lean and tender Certified Piedmontese beef at a discounted rate. Consistently shipped to members' doors for free, the packages consist of premium Certified Piedmontese beef cuts selected to reward membership and loyalty.

"Subscription and membership services aren't new to the beef industry, but the Certified Piedmontese Beef Club truly focuses on rewarding our customers with the best beef in the country at loyalty prices," says Certified Piedmontese Online Sales Manager Ben Mohl. "From healthier, delicious ground beef to prime rib that's unrivaled in tenderness, we're going to make sure our members are truly excited to be a part of this program."

Members can receive a variety of beef cuts from all three Certified Piedmontese product lines, including traditional Certified Piedmontese beef, Certified Piedmontese grass fed, grass finished beef, and the Certified Piedmontese Dynasty Selection, which is harvested from purebred Certified Piedmontese herds.

Members choose from two subscription levels and frequencies: The Gourmet Butcher for $100 per month or $250 per quarter, or The Fancy Rancher for $250 per month or $500 per quarter. The Gourmet Butcher's inaugural shipments include Certified Piedmontese cuts like New York strips, flat iron steaks, and grass fed, grass finished stir fry beef, while the Fancy Rancher's shipments include cuts like a boneless strip loin roast, Dynasty Selection center cut ribeye steaks, and Dynasty Selection bone-in filets.

Visit Piedmontese.com to subscribe.

Source: Certified Piedmontese