Danish suppliers to the food industry hold a strong position in America and for the first time at this year’s IPPE, a united group of Danes are joining forces at the Pavilion of Denmark. Here, the American food industry can learn more about equipment and solutions that can help them secure a hygienic, safe and efficient production.  

The Danes are bringing solutions based on a long tradition for pig, beef and poultry production where strict demands for a hygienic production across the entire value chain has resulted in one of the most efficient, optimized, safe and sustainable productions in the world.

“Strict control in Denmark has made suppliers to the industry develop solutions that support full traceability and high cleaning standards. This means e.g. that Salmonella has been eliminated in the Danish egg production,” says Heidi Ravn, Head of Danish Export – Food Tech, organizer of the Danish pavilion and an export network for suppliers to the global food processing industry.

“Today, Danish suppliers offer a wide range of advanced, innovative, customized, and state-of the art technology to the meat, poultry and beef industry worldwide. The solutions support food manufacturers across the entire value chain and range from cleaning solutions, air purification and disinfection technology to equipment for optimizing the production and IIoT turnkey solutions.”

Demand for new technology
At IPPE 2020 at the Pavilion of Denmark, 11 companies are showcasing their solutions that can help the feed, meat and poultry industry build productions that meet the highest standards. One of the Danish suppliers at the Pavilion of Denmark is Dantech Freezing Systems that just set up in America to be able to support the industry and meet the demands from the market.

“Food manufacturers in America are forced to find new ways of producing at lower costs and in a more sustainable manner. Today, chemicals are expensive and e.g. taxes have been put on buying water and getting rid of used water. Therefore, the industry is looking for solutions to cut costs and improve bottom line figures,” says Henrik Ziegler, Managing Director, Dantech Freezing Systems.

The company offers large quick-freezing solutions and heat treatment equipment to American food manufacturers and is experiencing a growing demand for new solutions that improve hygiene and cut costs:

“Danish suppliers are much in demand because we are able to offer new and innovative ways of producing food. Political pressure and a demand for developing more sustainable solutions has made us develop the solutions that we are now able to offer worldwide, and the Americans are really beginning to look into this now,” Henrik Ziegler explains.

About Pavilion of Denmark at IPPE 2020
Meet the 11 Danish suppliers at IPPE 2020 in Hall B B8065:

  • Carsoe A/S
  • Dantech Freezing Systems A/S
  • Eilersen Electric A/S
  • HNC Group A/S
  • Innospexion ApS
  • Jimco A/S
  • NTF-Aalborg A/S
  • Secomea A/S
  • ScanBelt A/S
  • System Cleaners A/S

About Danish Export – Food Tech

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