Evonik will present Porphyrio, the leading global software solution to improve and optimize poultry production, at IPPE in Atlanta on 28 – 30 January 2020.

Visitors to Hall A - Booth A1325 can take a closer look at Evonik’s Precision Livestock Farming approach, including Porphyrio. This cloud-based software solution enables professional poultry producers worldwide - from breeders through to the processing plant – to enhance their production process by analyzing livestock data in poultry meat and egg production.

The Porphyrio solution enables poultry producers to better manage, predict and optimize their operations with the help of instantaneous big data, biostatistics and self-learning algorithms. Its unique predictive optimized slaughter planning application addresses the daily challenges of the slaughter house.

Dr. Kristof Mertens, Managing Director at Evonik Porphyrio said, “Our solution supports daily poultry production management and this from an animal centric approach – we put the animal central in the process. This includes flock and welfare management, predictions on performance, health management in terms of vaccinations and treatments, and feed stock management, which can all be approached more precisely. And we link the complete production chain from GPS till processing.”

“As such, our customers can take better strategic decisions based on short-term and long-term predictions of the production process. We believe the best way to improve your future production is to predict it with Porphyrio.”

During the exhibition, Dr. Mertens will discuss the key factors for success in digital optimization of modern poultry production at the seminar, “Program Poultry Precision Farming” taking place on Tuesday 28 January, from 12.00 - 13.30 in Building A, Level 3, Room A313. The seminar will be led by Fabian Brockötter, Chief Editor at Poultry World, with further contributions from David Speller, CEO of OPTIfarm, and Maarten De Gussem, DVM, Global Poultry Consultant Vetworks.

Evonik will also be showcasing its probiotics – the good bacteria in animal feed – including GutCare and Ecobiol, along with its analytical services such as AMINONIR, which can be used to predict crude protein, dry matter, essential, and non-essential amino acids for all major feed ingredients.

For more information visit https://animal-nutrition.evonik.com/product/feed-additives/en/.